Small business defines what makes our community unique and special.  You won’t find the same boutiques, specialty stores, local restaurants and breweries in Raleigh County that you find in other places. Every quaint little tourist town is made up of entrepreneurs who have woven their creativity into the fabric of what that destination becomes.  

These local businesses keep money close to home to support our schools, neighborhoods and important community organizations.   When you shop at a local business, that money earned is likely spent at another local business. The more that we support local independent businesses, the greater our town’s capacity is to create a thriving local business community.  

Local businesses also create jobs.  These jobs often provide high levels of job satisfaction because it’s easier to take pride in your work and feel that your contributions make a real difference when you have a direct relationship with your owner.  

Many of us might take our small, independently owned businesses for granted and not believe they need our support. Here at the Chamber of Commerce, we hear the struggles of these small businesses and have watched some of them close. Often, business owners put their life savings into their store because they want to bring something cool to their hometown, only to watch their community members choose to order the same product online for convenience. Rushing to get kids off to school and putting in a long day at our workplace sometimes forces us to choose what is convenient and cheap. But if we don’t support our small businesses, they will go away. Then we lose not only the valuable goods and services we’ve come to love, but also the personalities of the owners and the relationships we have with them.  

If you can find a product or service you need here in our community, then purchase it here. If you are looking for a fabulous gift, visit a local boutique or gift shop. Like to shop online? Then shop online, locally. Most businesses in Raleigh County offer curbside pick-up. Use locally owned health food stores and pharmacies. Patronize our independently owned restaurants and breweries. Show our small businesses we’ve got their backs and show your neighbors that you are willing to recycle the dollars you earn back into your community.

Imagine how vibrant our economy would be if we all did that?

“The mission of the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce is to collaborate with leaders to build a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive business community.”

— Michelle Rotellini is president and CEO of the Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce.


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