Raleigh County Make It Shine


The Raleigh County Make it Shine Committee works to increase awareness and motivate the public to help improve the community’s appearance, pride and marketability through the following projects:

First Impressions Program – Conducted and participated in a “First Impressions Assessment” through WV University to assess visitors’ impressions of Beckley as it related to signage, cleanliness, friendliness of people, landscaping, etc. The results of the assessment have led to other projects for the committee.
Walkable Communities Workshop – Conducted a Walkable Communities Workshop designed to address the concerns and solutions to developing safe and appealing pedestrian friendly communities.
County-Wide Litter Index – Conduct frequent county-wide litter indexes to assess areas and study trends in areas of the county that need attention. Indexes are showing that marked improvements in the decrease of litter are being made through litter awareness and education campaigns.
Abandoned Building Index – Conduct frequent county-wide abandoned building indexes to determine the locations of structures in violation of codes and share information with the county Abandoned Building Authority.
Spring Litter Clean-Up Program – Area businesses and citizen volunteers have joined forces to volunteer in numerous (27 to date) spring litter clean-up projects currently resulting in more than 30,000 pounds of litter being removed from Raleigh County roadways, green-space and streams.
Fall Litter Clean-Up Programs – Area businesses and citizen volunteers have joined forces to volunteer in three major fall county-wide litter clean-up projects with approximately 600 volunteers participating in each campaign.
Education and Public Awareness – Work to increase public awareness through the media and participation in community events. All media outlets are contacted to cover all Raleigh County Make it Shine activity to help spread the word on anti-litter education to everyone.
Beautification Awards – Award Beautification Awards to area businesses and individuals for efforts in beautifying and maintaining their property in Raleigh County.

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