On Point Health & Wellness can help you have an On-Point October

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On Point Health & Wellness can help you have an On-Point October.
Happy fall! We hope that you are settling into cozier weather and enjoying the brilliant display of fall leaves that Beckley is putting on these days.

The past month at On-Point has been one of movement and change – just like our changing leaves! We’ve been helping our patients move forward through anxiety, work out that lingering pain in their necks, and even helping patients regain mobility and better quality of life post-stroke. We’re thoroughly enjoying our new and improved salt cave and keeping fall allergies and respiratory issues (like coughs and sinus infections) at bay.

As we move into October, we’re excited to see you all step into better health and transform in your own ways. To help you do so, we have a special way you can give back, some tips to keep you moving forward (both physically and mentally!), and a delicious fall recipe waiting for you in this month’s newsletter.

Stay well and happy October!

Click here for the On-Point Health & Wellness October 2020 Newsletter

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