“Anyone that joins any Chamber of Commerce has something in mind they want to accomplish with their membership.  For me it’s to first find ways to become more active and learn more about my community.  And second, to grow my business.  To accomplish both of these goals you must become engaged and active.  During the first Education Committee meeting I attended someone did not know that we do catering at Chick-fil-a.  By the end of the meeting we were set up to cater a wedding.  To me that’s accomplishing both of my goals in being a Chamber member.” 
Richard Jarrell, Owner, Chick Fil A, Galleria Plaza and Crossroads Mall

“As the Director of Marketing at Raleigh General Hospital, my job requires me to develop relationships with a variety of people.  Because of our involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, I have gotten to know many influential people in the area in a very short amount of time.  Those relationships are a vital part of Raleigh General Hospital’s ongoing efforts at community outreach.  Because of my Chamber connections, I have gained intimate knowledge of the community and its needs and we have been able to specifically target our efforts more effectively.  If you’re a member of the business community and want to be plugged in and know what’s going on, membership in the Chamber of Commerce is a must!” 
Kevin McGraw, Marketing Director, Raleigh General Hospital

“I have been a member of the Chamber of Commerce representing various types of businesses.  No matter what the nature of your company or organization, the Chamber is the one great local melting pot for businesses.  You can network with colleagues, learn the great variety of services and products offered in our area, reach out to new customers and new business, and discover how local companies and organizations can pool their talent and resources to work together and improve the business climate for everyone.  Plus, it’s a great place to meet talented innovative people!” 
Cindy Worley

“Membership in the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce offers an open door to learning about being involved in all the exciting things that are happening right here in our community.  When you walk through this door you have the opportunity to meet and work with the business leaders of Raleigh County.  Time spent serving our community on the Board or on one of the committees gives great insight into the exciting opportunities there are here in Southern West Virginia.  The relationships that are developed are a source of encouragement, information, strength and even business that could not be found anywhere else.  It would cost me far more not to be in the Chamber than it does to join and be involved.  I would encourage everyone to open the door and come in.  Be a part of the future by joining and serving with the Chamber today.” 
Mike Darby, Laurel Lodge Enterprises

“The Chamber just gives us a wonderful opportunity to network with other business owners.  It’s a great resource for ideas on how other businesses operate, and it gives us an opportunity to get our business name out there and into the community.” 
Rachel Hopkins, Lewis Automotive Group

“Appalachian Power has been a long-standing member with the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce.  As a member, Appalachian Power can advance its Corporation’s business and public policy initiatives by utilizing the Chamber’s various services that offer relationship-building opportunities with key community leaders as well as local and county government officials.  Also, the Chamber provides its members with pertinent information on local business and legislative issues that impact the region’s economic development potential.  Appalachian Power is committed to the communities it serves and support form local chambers helps Appalachian Power to improve the quality of life within these communities.” 
Dave Langford, Community Service Manager, Appalachian Power

“The BRCCC plays an extremely important role in business life in Beckley, WV.  With a hard-working energized staff, they provide opportunity for local business people to network, they keep you informed and up to date on business and political issues, they keep you abreast of local events and happenings and try to make you a living part of the community.  In addition, they give everyone the chance to get involved…. to make a difference. With a thumb firmly on the pulse of our region, this is an organization that helps Beckley move forward while helping you keep pace!” 
Charles G. Turner, AAI, Commercial Lines Producer, Jim Lively Insurance

“The Beckley Chamber is focused on the growth of area businesses combined with special service projects ranging from education to entertainment.  As a Chamber member you can network with area professionals and gain better insight into the small businesses in our area.  Often area residents ask where they can find information on tourism, community involvement, and professional engagement – the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce is their one stop shop for this and much more!” 
Chuck Cox, Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC

“My involvement with the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce has been a very rewarding experience over several years. The business world today is tough, demanding, and fast-paced.  Networking with other professionals, getting involved in various committees and activities through the Chamber has been and continues to be beneficial to my business.  The advantages of being a member and getting involved in the community are endless.  Being a member of the Chamber gives you the tools to be successful; the rest is up to you.” 
Kim Shrewsbury, Chase Bank

“I have personally been involved with the Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce since the early ‘90s.  Through the many networking opportunities offered by the Chamber, I have made business contacts too numerous to mention which have helped my business grow.  I am often asked by non-Chamber members “What does the Chamber do for me?”  I always respond by saying the Chamber offers you numerous opportunities to market your business and provides a voice for the business community.  I have many long term business relationships that started at a Business After Hours or from a conversation after a committee meeting.” 
Scott Worley, Southern WV Area Manager, Realcorp, Inc.

“A competitive advantage a business of any size can offer their customer is to stay in tune to the changing needs of the community in which they live and operate their business. The BRCCC is instrumental in giving businesses & individuals the key to being successful in that!  With networking events and committees designed to keep momentum going in a forward direction, they provide the forum for folks to get involved and understand their area & customers.  From educational & political events to organizing entertainment events for the public & members, the Chamber can be seen playing a critical part in making Beckley & Raleigh County better!  I encourage all businesses & individuals to become involved today.”
JEFF MILLER, United Bank

“Being involved with the Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce has brought me many networking opportunities.  I have made many business contacts that have helped my business grow.  I have also helped grow the Chamber’s business by asking non Chamber members, “What can the Chamber do for you?”  I respond by saying the Chamber offers numerous networking opportunities to market your business and provides a voice for the business community.  I have many long term relationships that were started by someone I met while attending the Business After Hours.  Most of all I love working with businesses in Beckley and watching their Business grow.  The gang at the Chamber are not only my business associates but my friends.”

“We at Kid In The Background began our journey as a multi-media firm in 2012 with a singular vision: To give businesses in southern WV access to the marketing insight and high quality visual media typically available only to major corporations.  With this community focused objective, we knew that becoming Chamber Members would keep us in constant contact with local businesses who needed our services. We have certainly connected with the fellow local business owners, as hoped, but were also granted opportunities to give back to the community that’s given so much to us!  With our inclusion in Chamber organized events such as Career Day, we’ve helped influence the next generation of young business owners to remain and thrive in Raleigh County.  Economic development of Beckley & Raleigh County is the best way to improve the lives of the citizens here, and partnership with the BRCCC is a great way to achieve our common goals.”
JASON LOCKART, Co-Owner, Kid in the Background

“My membership in the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce and as an active Ambassador has been most valuable.  Relationships develop with time and patience beyond the first exchange of business cards.  I personally applaud the Chamber for offering me the opportunity to establish relationships.  The Chamber is an oasis and resource for growing businesses, like none other.  Sure it has networking opportunities, advocacy and committees; but it also has passion and heart to see small businesses grow and thrive – like few other organizations have.  If you’re doing business in Beckley WV, or anywhere else in the United States, being a part of the Chamber should be one of your top priorities. As a young professional, I find it extremely helpful to be involved in the chamber when trying to achieve a career, broaden my network and achieve opportunities. Thanks to the chamber, I not only have a valuable network in almost every industry one could imagine, but I’ve also gotten to attend incredible events for both educational and entertainment purposes.  My involvement with the chamber has given me more connections, more relationships, more comradery, than my entire academic career all together.”
STEVEN SONGER, Songer Insurance Agency

“Since moving to Beckley two years ago, the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce became a valuable resource for me to network within the professional community and to become involved in events within the area. I am the current Chair of the Chamber’s Ambassador Committee and the Branch Manager of United Bank’s Beckley Office.  Building trust and a strong contact base is critical in the banking industry as well as staying connected with our local businesses.  At United Bank, our mission includes an excellence in service to our community and the Chamber helps us accomplish that mission.  My employer and I have equally benefitted from the individuals I’ve had the privilege of meeting and the events I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in. The Chamber is proactive in working to find new ways to aid our local business for the betterment of the community.  I encourage all businesses to not only become a member and support our local Chamber, but to become involved and take advantage of the many benefits that membership offers!”

“New to the Beckley area, my first task was to meet the members of the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce.  The numerous networking opportunities and functions that the chamber provide has laid the platform for me to grow as an Account Executive at Suddenlink Media.  The Chamber is always open to collaborate with local businesses about ideas, opportunities and growth.  Thanks to the support of the BRCCC I have been very successful the last two years in Beckley.”

“Being a member of the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce is a great way to build on the trust you’ve established within the community for your business.  The Networking opportunities are endless!  After moving back to Beckley, my hometown, I’ve participated in a number of Chamber events over the past 9 years. It was only natural when I started my own business, the first thing I did after getting my Business License was to stop by the local Chamber office and register as a new Chamber member. The Chamber has allowed me to not only re-connect with friends from the past, but also to make new business and personal contacts as well.”
ROSE NINEFF, Owner, Nine-F Consulting

“The Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce (BRCCC) has one of the largest chamber memberships in West Virginia.  This provides a great opportunity to connect to new businesses and resources.  The chamber also keeps me in touch with the pulse of the city.  This is critically important to me as a business loan officer.  Joining the chamber is just the first step.  To get the most out of your chamber membership, it is important to get involved.  The energetic staff of the Chamber make it very easy to get involved, whether its business after hours, committees, ribbon cuttings, business seminars, and more.  I encourage all businesses looking for new opportunities to join the BRCCC.”
JEFF PRIOR, CPA Commercial Loan Officer, First Community Bank

“Pat Reed Insurance has been an active member of the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce for over 15 years.  As an owner of an insurance agency I feel my membership and involvement with the Chamber is another piece to the puzzle of having a successful business.  I am a current member of the Ambassador and the Raleigh County Make It Shine Committees.  They are both excellent opportunities to get involved in the community and develop new relationships to continue growth in our agency.  The chamber offers a variety of networking opportunities and they keep their members up to date with events happening in our area.  Every business owner should be a member and support our local Chamber of Commerce.”
LISA REED-JEFFREY, Pat Reed Insurance

“The Beckley-Raleigh Chamber has taught me many things about the area. This was such a great help because when I started my business I knew very few people and very little about the area. Starting my own business meant getting involved with other businesses, executives and entrepreneurs in the community and making contacts that would become friendships. Everyone at the chamber is helpful in giving guidance to get everything you need to fit into the community and provide opportunities to showcase your services and or products. There are many opportunities not only to receive help but also to give back to the community. Our chamber works very hard to put on events that benefit all who live in Raleigh County, and it takes a lot of work and a lot of people to bring these events to the area. They are so appreciative of any help they get and always do a great job of letting you know it. There is not a doubt that when I have a need the chamber is there to offer advice as well as lend a hand where they can. If you are not a part of the Chamber you are missing out not only on some great friendships but also on people that will point you in the right direction to get the help you need.”
RUSSELL SHAW, Owner, Calrus Solutions

“Having recently moved to the area, I was not familiar with the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce or the advantages it provides to businesses and the local community. Through volunteering at local schools in BRCCC sponsored events, I have been able to see first hand just how much the Chamber supports students and businesses. Business leaders are given an opportunity to offer advice and input to middle and high school students which will prepare them for future employment. We are also given the opportunity to see what the upcoming generation will be able to offer the community. I have enjoyed building relationships with other area business and the leaders of tomorrow. It has been an honor to be able to work with an organization as dedicated to the community as the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce.”
SUSAN MULLENS, Client Service Specialist, Ameriprise Financial

“The Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce is the first face many folks coming in to our area see. Who better than Ellen Taylor, her wonderful staff and Board to represent the businesses in our communities? The resources afforded business partners of the Chamber are too numerous to mention. Just the networking opportunities available are invaluable. There are excellent educational opportunities throughout the year businesses can take advantage of. Probably the one thing folks don’t hear about when it comes to the Chamber is just how many projects they work on for the City of Beckley and Raleigh County that had no other home. It may be working toward a grant opportunity that will benefit all of Raleigh County; meeting with businesses representatives from around the State and Country to discuss business opportunities in our area; the Chamber and its representatives are always there–representing us, providing us resources and opportunities—all we as business folks have to do is be receptive. I certainly tip my hat to the excellent job our Chamber does and I thoroughly enjoy working with each member.”
HAZEL BURROUGHS, VP/Business Development Officer, First Community Bank