Legislative Positions

Legislative Positions and Guide to Utilizing Your Representatives

Chamber Mission
The mission of the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce is to build a vibrant community through programs of advocacy, public awareness, and policy development.

Government Affairs Division – Key Objectives
Communicate to elected officials our positions on legislative issues; offer assistance in monitoring business legislation; and to act  generally as the liaison between government and the business community.

Education Positions are available as a separate brochure at the Chamber office or online at Education Positions 2019

The Chamber continues to support clean coal research and alternative uses for coal. While supporting coal and its continued use, the Chamber also recognizes the growing importance of natural gas in the state’s and nation’s energy mix. Supporting both energy sources, which are abundant in the Mountain State, will prove beneficial to our region and the state. The Appalachian storage hub for natural gas and ethylene & propylene production plants are examples of projects that can be effective drivers for our communities, economy and industrial/commercial development.

The national energy landscape is changing rapidly, and to stay viable as a national energy leader, West Virginia must encourage the innovative and competitive use of coal and natural gas. We support legislation that spurs the use of both resources, a diversified fuel mix, innovative clean-coal technologies and the use of natural gas and its byproducts. This will ensure that West Virginia’s plentiful fuel and energy resources remain as important to the future of West Virginia as it has in the past.

Coal production is a cost-effective method for power plants. With new technologies in energy it is essential that our economy use every available resource we have to benefit the state. Coal and natural gas reserves are plentiful and will provide energy for a majority of the States for many.

Southern West Virginia is blessed with abundant natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, and those blessings have been the catalyst for a thriving tourism industry. The Chamber recognizes that the sustainment and continued growth of our tourism industry is contingent upon the protection and preservation of our environment. Toward that end, the Chamber supports the enforcement of laws that prevent or retard the despoliation of our environment by unregulated garbage and liter, by improperly treated sewage and industrial discharge.

Government Modernization
The Chamber recognizes transformative change is taking place in West Virginia’s economy. Demographic trends continue to show the average age of our citizens is increasing. Population growth remains stagnant to declining and the pool of K-12 and higher education students continues to shrink. The era in which the framework of our West Virginia government was established simply is much different than the times in which our citizens now live.

These realities create growing challenges with our ability to adequately fund and provide government services. Yet, public policymakers have been amiss at evaluating, enabling and pursuing opportunities to modernize the structure and delivery of government services at all levels. Too often government innovation is stifled by archaic state code provisions and status quo leadership. The Chamber supports and West Virginia and its citizens will benefit by implementing policies and solutions that modernize the size and structure of our government and provision of its services. The principles of continuous improvement, streamlining and efficiency have already taken place in both the private sector and neighboring localities. Government modernization can create an atmosphere in which our citizens receive services faster, cheaper and better. While at the same time, modernization promotes a pro-growth economic climate.

Highway and Infrastructure Funding
The Chamber recognizes the critical role of highways and infrastructure in establishing the foundation for a vibrant economy. The people of our state have embraced the Governor’s leadership in this area, and West Virginia is poised on the threshold of tremendous new investment in priority roadways.

These are exciting times: The Chamber advocates policy reforms that embrace both proven approaches and new innovation which make roadway (and other infrastructure) construction, operation and maintenance timely and cost efficient. Sustainment of our existing highway network is of at least equal importance to the construction of new highways.

Judicial Elections
The State of West Virginia requires a candidate to win a primary with a majority of the votes. The Chamber supports a run-off election to be held if no one candidate receives the “50 percent plus one.” The State would need to put in place provisions for the primary run-off. Thus, ensuring that no one candidate be elected to office without a majority of the voice of the people of the precinct, district, or State of West Virginia voters.

Recreation and Tourism
The New River is one of the continent’s oldest rivers with incomparable recreational and historical attractions, which, along with the Gauley River NRA and other National Park units in the area, account for more than $79 million in economic benefits and 2,400 jobs.

The Chamber supports the establishment of a National Park designation for New River Gorge in a manner that retains and further promotes these remarkable attributes and uses will create additional economic benefits to the region and improve funding for management and development of the New River Gorge National Park.

The Chamber believes voters should pick their representatives and representatives should not pick their voters and calls for the Legislature to establish an independent redistricting commission ahead of the 2020 census. This commission should determine legislative districts that are not partisan in nature and closely adhere to existing county borders, municipalities and magisterial districts and communities of similar interest.

Substance Abuse/Rehabilitation
While the Chamber recognizes and supports the many steps that have been taken by the Legislature to address this issue, more work is needed. Substance Use Disorder, legal and illegal is killing West Virginians and West Virginia’s future. Funding for treatment and recovery is a critical need that must be addressed.

New legislation passed during the 2019 Regular Session set new guidelines regarding Expungement eligibility. Under WV Code 61-11-26 in certain circumstances a person may be eligible for accelerated expungement. If qualified a single felony may be expunged three years after completion of any sentence. This will expedite the ability of some substance abusers to put their mistakes behind them and become an employable productive member of our society.

West Virginia has the lowest labor force participation rate in the nation. We must continue to explore every available avenue to expand and educate our labor force. We must provide a dependable and skilled labor force if we are going to attract and maintain investments in our economy.

Tax Reform
The work of Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform should continue. The committee must look at ways to ensure that state taxes are fair and competitive with neighboring states and provide for stable and predictable sources of revenue for government. Any reforms proposed must be carefully planned so they do not significantly harm education and/or essential local government funding.

Reaching your representatives and how the Chamber can help

Make Correspondence Easy
Keep contact information on hand at work, where you probably spend much of your time. Enter fax and phone numbers and email addresses in an easy-to-activate database. Don’t struggle: a brief letter of concern can influence as well as a dissertation.

Use the Chamber as a Megaphone
Our Chamber is the region’s strongest business voice, representing 700 member businesses. It quickly draws the attention of legislators and other officials.

Use Your Member Influence
Chamber functions provide a forum in which you may discuss public policy with the most influential members of our society. Formally or informally, it’s a good way to express your opinion and educate others. Reporters routinely contact the Chamber to discuss public policy issues.

“Call to Action”
Our strongest means of communication is the “Call to Action.” During such a call, members immediately begin to fax and email representatives to express their opinions on particular issues.

The Legislative Positions & Guide to Utilizing Your Representatives is produced yearly by the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce.

Contact the BRCCC at:
(304) 252-7328, 1-877-987-3847, (304) 252-7373 fax, chamber@brccc.com

Legislative Representatives


Governor, Jim Justice
Office of the Governor
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
State Capitol Building 1
Charleston, WV 25305
(304)342-7025 fax


U. S. Senator Joe Manchin, III
303 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202)224-3954 Washington, DC
(202)228-0002 fax DC

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, III
900 Pennsylvania Abenue
Suite 629
Charleston, WV 25302
(304)342-5855 Charleston, WV
(304)343-7144 fax WV

U.S. Senator Shielley Moore-Capito
172 Russell Senate Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-224-6472 Washington DC
202-224-7665 fax DC

U.S. Senator Shielley Moore-Capito
500 Virginia Street East,
United Towers, Suite 950
Charleston, WV 25304
304-347-5372 Charleston WV
304-347-5371 fax Charleston WV

U.S. Senator Shielley Moore-Capito
220 North Kanawha Street, Suite 1
Beckley WV 25801
304-253-7853 Beckley WV
304-253-7862 fax Beckley WV


Congresswoman Carol Miller
1605 Longworth HOB
15 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C. 20515

Congresswoman Carol Miller
307 Prince Street
Beckley, WV 25801

Congresswoman Carol Miller

845 5th Avenue, Suite 314
Huntington, WV 25701


Sue Cline
West Virginia State Senate
216-W State Capitol
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305

Rollan Roberts
West Virginia State Senate
W223 State Capitol
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305


West Virginia House of Delegates
212-M State Capitol
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305

District 27
Joe Ellington
John H. Shott
Eric Porterfield

District 28
Roy Cooper
Jeffrey Pack

District 29
Brandon Steele

District 30
Mick Bates

District 31
Christopher Wayne Toney

District 32
Kayla Kessenger
Tom Fast
Margaret Staggers

West Virginia Senate and House Chairs can be found by visiting the website:www.legis.state.wv.us   
For Legislative Service call (304) 347-4800.


Linda K. Epling, Commissioner
David Tolliver, Commissioner
Ron Hedrick, Commissioner

Raleigh County Administrator
Jeff Miller

116 ½ N. Heber Street
Beckley, WV 25801
 (304)255-9166 fax

Robert Rappold
Post Office Box 2514
Beckley, WV 25802-2514
(304)256-1816 fax

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