Congratulations Family Game Knight on your Grand Opening Day !

Thank you for inviting us to be a part of all the fun at your opening celebration. We appreciate the hospitality and your support.

We are excited for your new fun adventure that you offer here in our community. We know that families will enjoy visiting your new location for some fun playing games and more!

We encourage everyone to go play at Family Game Knight on facebook or at 1905 Robert C Byrd Dr, MacArthur WV (near the entrance to the parking lot of MacArthur Walmart)

Family Game Knight is an exciting new business in Raleigh County. Our business was locally founded and created from the ground up. We are bringing something to our area that is new, fresh, and exciting!

At Family Game Knight we offer a large selection of board games, comics, trading cards, action figures, and other related items.

We also have 3D printed products and services, a virtual reality room, a tabletop gaming space, and a mini arcade.

This is just the beginning of our ventures. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for us, but we plan to bring a great amount of fun and socialization to our community. We plan on hosting weekly events/tournaments at our shop later in the year as well as hosting booths at fairs and conventions all around the state.


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