We are honored to welcome Dog Tag Cafe to Crossroads Mall

Judging from the amount of people reached on our first facebook post about the Grand Opening of Dog Tag Café we can tell that there are many others that salute the opening of this new business as well.

Thank you Dog Tag Café for inviting us to be a part of your Grand Opening Celebration and thank you to everyone that came out to make this a special celebration for this new business.

Dog Tag Café owners Charles and Jennifer Stewart invite you to come help them open their new Café.  A little history about the Dog Tag Café; Owner, Charles Stewart was a combat medic assigned to the 3rd Armored Calvary out of Ft Carson Colorado when deployed to Iraq.  After being in country for awhile Charles was part of a 11 soldier traffic control point outside of Fallujah where the post started taking fire.  While giving aid to another soldier Charles and was shot.  Charles was awarded an AARCOM with Valor and a Purple Heart.

We invite everyone to come to Crossroads Mall to welcome the Dog Tag Café.  You can find them just inside main front mall entrance.  Make sure to check the Dog Tag Café facebook page for daily menu options and special offers and events

Read more about Dog Tag Café in The Register-Herald

Visit Dog Tag Cafe on facebook


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