Raleigh County Make It Shine Committee

“Thank you Robert Dunlap for your investment in our community in renovating our Downtown Beckley buildings and giving back to our community to make it Shine even brighter!” – Raleigh County Make It Shine Committee

We Raiser Our Litter Sticks in Appreciation Everyone that Participated Raleigh County Earth Day 2018 Projects

We raise our litter sticks in appreciation of everyone that has participated in Raleigh County Earth Day 2018 Litter Sweeps, including the Raleigh County Make It Shine Committee Harper Road Litter Sweep. Please know that your efforts do not go un-noticed ! We thank everyone in our communities for doing what they can to help Make Raleigh County Shine! A HUGE THANK YOU to Danielle Stewart and Piney Creek Watershed Association for organizing numerous Earth Day Projects across the area and for hosting the Earth Day Celebration. Let’s continue our clean momentum through the year and Celebrate again in Spring 2019.

Thank You NCCC Team for Making Raleigh County Shine!

Serving Appalachia’s Future One Community at a Time

Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce Raleigh County Make It Shine Committee, in partnership with the Appalachian Coal Country Team (ACCT)  hosted a National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) Team in Beckley WV.

NCCC Teams consist of young men and women, 18 to 24 years old, and each team consists of 8 – 12 members. All members have earned their place on an NCCC Team by demonstrating a commitment to serve their community and to develop practical skills. Hosting a NCCC Team gives us an opportunity to bring to the community a team of young, driven individuals who are committed to making a difference.

The NCCC Team worked in Beckley on improvements to New River Park Complex and Wildwood House Museum.

The team worked at New River Park/Exhibition Coal Mine. Their first task at hand was to assist with the building of a new drainage ditch at the park. Water runs off the hillside and is causing mass erosion. There is an existing ditch, but it is not sufficient enough to handle the flow of water. The new ditch line will be filled with decorative rock and the excess run-off will be directed to an existing rain garden.  The Team then moved to the Wildwood House Museum to work on painting the historic home of Beckley’s founder, General Alfred Beckley.
We welcome the team to our community and appreciate their hard work in making Raleigh County Shine!

Thank You,
Raleigh County Make It Shine Committee

The mission of the ACCT is to assist rural communities impoverished by environmental degradation and its consequences in making their home-place-watersheds healthier places to live and work. The ACCT is supported by an innovative partnership among the Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM), concerned with environmental reclamation; AmeriCorps VISTA, concerned with poverty; and by local community improvement/watershed groups. The ACCT began placing determined, college-trained men and women for a year of service in rural mining communities in 2001. OSM/VISTAs work directly with community members to build local capacity, encourage environmental stewardship, enhance outreach and education, engage in economic development and assist in the professional development of OSM/VISTAs and their sponsoring organizations. With its Support Office in Beckley, WV, the ACCT works throughout seven Appalachian states (Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia) and is sponsored by Conservation Legacy.

Thank You Jamboree Scouts & Venturers
for Your Community Service to West Virginia

Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce Raleigh County Make It Shine Committee gives a BIG THANK YOU To Scouts and Venturers from ‪the 2013 Jamboree for their‬ work on Community Service Projects at New River Park, Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine & Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia.

They worked on marking and resurfacing the 1 mile adventure trail that runs through New River Park; cleaned up and cut brush at the Mountain Homestead, Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum and refurbished City of Beckley Christmas Decorations

This was just a small part of what the Jamboree Scouts and Venturers did during their time in West Virginia.  We hope one day they can look back and know how much they did in all of our communities.

> Troops take a break for lunch

> Scouts & Venturers pose for a group photo at the Youth Museum Mountain Homestead

> Working hard on the trail & for the camera

> Moving trail timbers up the human chain

> Resurfacing the trail to provide better access to the beautiful views

> We’d rather be water sliding but we have community service to do

> Cutting in drainage steps along the trail

> working along one of the best walking trails in the Beckley area

> laying 1 mile of trail timbers 

> cleaning up the Mountain Homestead

> Scouts interviewing about their work with crew from WVNS 59 News

2013 Jamboree Videos

History in the making – 
First Scout Troops arrive at the Summit, Listen for the #2013Jambo version of
“Country Roads”

Raleigh County Make it Shine Program

Raleigh County Make it Shine is a cooperative effort among several organizations including:

Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce Business Members
Beckley Area Foundation
Beckley Renaissance / City of Beckley
Beckley Sanitary Board
Beckley Newspapers – The Register-Herald
Raleigh County Solid Wasted Authority
Raleigh County Commission
WV Department of Highways
WV Division of Natural Resources
WV Department of Environmental Protection
Piney Creek Watershed Association
Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department

The Mission of Raleigh County Make it Shine is to increase awareness and motivate the public to help improve the community’s appearance, pride and marketability through the following projects:

First Impressions Program
 – Conducted and participated in a “First Impressions Assessment” through WV University to assess visitors’ impressions of Beckley as it related to signage, cleanliness, friendliness of people, landscaping, etc. The results of the assessment have led to other projects for the committee.

Walkable Communities Workshop – Conducted a Walkable Communities Workshop designed to address the concerns and solutions to developing safe and appealing pedestrian friendly communities.

County-Wide Litter Index – Conduct frequent county-wide litter indexes to assess areas and study trends in areas of the county that need attention. Indexes are showing that marked improvements in the decrease of litter are being made through litter awareness and education campaigns.

Abandoned Building Index – Conduct frequent county-wide abandoned building indexes to determine the locations of structures in violation of codes and share information with the county Abandoned Building Authority.

Grant Application – Applied for and received a $10,000 grant for the purchase of a night vision camera to be used specifically to report night time open dump violators.

Backpack Blowers – Applied for and received a grant to purchase “Backpack Blowers” to be used to blow cinders from sidewalks and road sides after being distributed along roadways during the winter months. An agreement with City of Beckley Public Works allows for coordination with the street sweeper to remove the blown cinders from the roadways following the blowing from the sidewalks and roadsides.

Spring Litter Clean-Up Program – Area businesses and citizen volunteers have joined forces to volunteer in numerous (27 to date) spring litter clean-up projects currently resulting in more than 30,000 pounds of litter being removed from Raleigh County roadways, green-space and streams.

Fall Litter Clean-Up Programs – Area businesses and citizen volunteers have joined forces to volunteer in three major fall county-wide litter clean-up projects with approximately 600 volunteers participating in each campaign.

Creek & Steam Sweeps – Conducted to date four creek and stream sweeps throughout the county to remove litter and open dumps sites from along creek beds and stream waters.

Lobbying – Lobbied for the demolition and removal of the old Vocational Building in Beckley to make space available for a new urban park.

Thornhill Courts Project – Worked in cooperation with Beckely-Raleigh Chamber of Commerce partners; Beckley Area Foundation, Raleigh County Schools, City of Beckley, Beaver Coal Company, and other members to develop plans for a new urban park “Thornhill Courts” to be constructed on the site of the demolished Vocational Building. Work on the project continues with completion expected Fall 2008.

Anti Litter Awareness Brochure – Produced and Distribute brochures throughout the county to assist in educating the public of the problems and solutions for litter in our area.

Education and Public Awareness – Worked to increase public awareness through the media and participation in community events. All media outlets are contacted to cover all Raleigh County Make it Shine activity to help spread the word on anti-litter education to everyone.

Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle Purchase Program – Purchased and sold 180 to date to area businesses to help in the elimination of the number one littered item, cigarette butts.

Arbor Day Celebrations – Conduct annual Arbor Day activities and tree plantings with area Make it Shine partners

Beautification Awards – Award Beautification Awards to area businesses and individuals for efforts in beautifying and maintaining their property in Raleigh County.

Future Planning:

Launch a major anti-litter campaign in 2008 to increase public awareness of litter
Continue to sell Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacles to area businesses at low cost
Complete Thornhill Courts Project
Organize Litter Sweeps and Clean-ups throughout the county
Identify potential Green-space property
Continue Litter and Abandon Building Assessments
Set up a dedicated phone line for reporting litter violators in our area

Raleigh County Make It Shine Committee

Committee Chairs

Sherrie Hunter
Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority

Jeremiah Johnson
Beckley Sanitary Board


Robert Rappold
Mayor, City of Beckley

Charlie Houck
City National Bank

Susan Landis
Beckley Area Foundation  

Jill Moorefield
Beckley Events

Lisa Jeffrey
Pat Reed Insurance

Jeannie Richmond
Interior Concepts
Jane Haga
Beckley Beautification Committee

Leslie Baker
Youth Museum of Southern WV

Marsha Dunlap

Sandra Palen

Gavin Ward

Danielle Stewart
Piney Creek Watershed Association

Christine Kinder
Raleigh County Extension Agency

Kelly Elkins
Mountain State Centers for Independent Living

To join Raleigh County Make it Shine contact BRCCC

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