Hospice of SWV 40th Anniversary Celebration


Hospice of Southern West Virginia celebrates 40 years

Thank you to staff and organizers of Hospice of Southern West Virginia 40th Anniversary Celebration for inviting us to be a part of your celebration.  We are very thankful for the special kind of caring that have you provided to our community for now over 40 years.

Today marks 40 years of Hospice of Southern West Virginia. A relatively small group of volunteers, inspired by the simple aspirations of one woman, was able to set up a business, develop Articles of Incorporation, and establish HSWV (formerly Raleigh County Hospice), officially formed on November 12, 1981. The charter organization was volunteer-based, comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers, and community partners who donated their time and talents.

Click here to learn more about Hospice of Southern West Virginia 40-year history:


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