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Welcome to Raleigh County, West Virginia

The quiet of a small town, the solace of a mountain farm, the vigor of a city neighborhood — you’ll find them all in Raleigh County, West Virginia

Welcome to one of today’s most amazing markets — a mountain paradise in the middle of the Eastern United States.

Four spectacular seasons
Summers are warm with cool nights. Winters are mild, though harsh conditions prevail in the highlands. Fall and spring are renowned for pleasant weather.

Southern Medical Center
Four hospitals encircle Beckley, the center of West Virginia’s southern healthcare system.  Many extended care centers allow families to live in the area while members are ill. More than 170 physicians serve the region.

Center of the East
You’re never far from your roots — a day’s drive from half the U.S. population. Amtrak, interstates, and airports link us to every major city.

Nation’s lowest crime rate
West Virginia has had one of the lowest crime rates in the nation for more than 40 years.

A Worshipful People
Most major religions are represented in Raleigh County– more than 60 Protestant houses of worship as well as Roman Catholic, Jewish, Greek-Orthodox, islamic, Hindu, and Unitarian-Universalist.

Some of the highest quality of education in the state is had in Raleigh County’s safe schools.  Museums, libraries, galleries, parks, and private instruction ready students for the future.

National Parks
Raleigh County is surrounded on three sides by national parkland.  Five state parks and four wildlife management areas provide for recreation aplenty.

Housing is dominated by new homes from $30,000 to $500,000. Condominiums, apartments, and rental properties are increasingly available. Two of West Virginia’s best private neighborhoods provide resort living — The Resort at Glade Springs and Flat Top Lake.  Woodlands Village, the newest subdivision is located on Grey Flats Road. Cabins and seasonal houses are found throughout the county.

The Appalachian Mountains of Southern West Virginia provide the perfect setting for a place where inspiring scenery is joined with abundant recreation and a wealth of activities around the area. You’ll find all this and more at Glade Springs Village — retirement living at its best.

Condominiums, apartments, and rental properties are becoming more widely available as the area grows.

Doing Business at Home
State-of-the-art phone systems, computer technology, and internet access make running a home-based business easy and affordable.


Raleigh County contains a seemingly endless variety of neighborhoods for every taste.

Raleigh County’s “Big Sky Country,” Grandview is characterized by tableland farms separated by spectacular gorges. The county’s most popular scenic attraction, the overlooks at Grandview look out across the New River Gorge National River. Roughly 15 minutes to Beckley by Interstate 64.  Grandview, as defined here, includes the communities of Grandview, Table Rock, Cliff Top, and Crow.

Shady Spring
Named for a bold spring which once bubbled up from among the roots of a giant White Pine, the Shady Spring area has grown into a landscape of many larger homes in wooded and farmland settings. The Resort at Glade Springs is located 15 minutes from Beckley by U.S. 19.  The Shady Spring area, as defined here, includes the communities of Shady Spring, Daniels, Beaver, and White Oak.

Flat Top
The county’s high country, the Flat Top area is known for its level glades which descend from the heights of Flat Top Mountain at 3,500 feet above sea level.  Flat Top Lake and Winterplace Ski Resort are here.  Roughly 20 minutes from Beckley by U.S. 19 or Interstate 64.  Flat Top, as defined here, includes the communities of Flat Top, Ghent, Odd, and Egeria.

Richmond District
Largely a wooded and agricultural area, Richmond District occupies the high tablelands between the gorges of the New River and Glade Creek.  Interstate 64 and its Glade Creek Bridge now connect the region with the rest of the county.  Neighborhoods in Richmond District are roughly 20 to 30 minutes from Beckley by WV 3 and Interstate 64.  Richmond District includes the communities of Bragg, Pluto, and

Winding Gulf-Slab Fork
Plenty of affordable housing can be found among the hollows of south central Raleigh County.  Residents prefer its quiet nature, seemingly far from the bustle of Beckley.  Neighborhoods are roughly 15 to 25 minutes from Beckley by WV 16.  Winding Gulf, as defined here, includes the communities of Sophia, Coal City, Sullivan, and Rhodell.

Beckley Area
Beckley covers an area larger than most cities of similar population.  Most of the county’s retail areas are in Beckley. All of the county’s major highways intersect here — U.S. 19, WV 3 and 16, and interstates 64 and 77.  Included in this area are the communities of Mabscott, MacArthur, Maxwell Hills, Pleasant Hills, Sprague, Stanaford, and Piney View.

Trap Hill
The first region of the county to be settled, the Trap Hill area occupies upland valleys full of farms and forests.  Many communities therein cluster along the main road through the area — WV 3.  Lake Stephens Recreation Area lies in the center of the region.  Trap Hill, as defined here, includes the communities of Eccles, Surveyor, Lester, Glen White, Maple Meadow, Bolt, and Glen Daniel.

Marsh Fork
Wedged between towering mountain crests, the Marsh Fork of the Coal River carves a widely varied valley — sometimes broad, sometimes narrow.  Homes of all sorts climb the hillsides into the deep woods of this northern extension of the rugged Cumberland Mountains.  Most neighborhoods in the Marsh Fork area are roughly 30 to 50 minutes from Beckley.  Marsh Fork, as defined here, includes the communities of Rock Creek, Mountain View, Pettus, Arnett, and Dry Creek.

Clear Fork
Like its twin, the Marsh Fork, the Clear Fork carves a valley between high mountain peaks.  But Clear Fork is more remote than Marsh Fork, as far as proximity to Beckley is concerned, and its denizens enjoy peaceful solitude.  Residents of the Clear Fork valley are roughly 20 to 40 minutes from Beckley.  Clear Fork, as defined here, includes the communities of Rock View, Pettus, Arnett, and Dry Creek.

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