Academy of Careers and Technology ; official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony sponsor for Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce

After 15 years, and after many ribbon cutting ceremonies for many of our area businesses our ribbon cutting ceremonial poles finally needed to be repaired and upgraded. Having been the original designers and builders for our poles, the Academy of Careers & Technologies (ACT) here in Beckley WV, a long-time member of our Chamber of Commerce agreed to take a look at how they could make some repairs and give the poles some new life.

Well; the students and staff at ACT went above and beyond our expectations with designing, constructing and building us some new ceremonial poles !

We are very appreciative of all of the work that went into the new poles. Thank you to all of the students, staff, ACT departments and community members for your collaboration in making this project a huge success.


About the project from ACT:

We are excited to unveil a project we have been working on for the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce. Their ribbon cutting posts were in need of repair that they use for area business openings. The Chamber helps with events at our school so we were very excited to be able to help them out in return.

Our Building Maintenance and Operations, Computer Aided Drafting and Design/Pre-Engineering-Project Lead the Way, and Welding programs all teamed up to help with the project. We had one problem. Our plasma cutter in Welding was in need of repair. We reached out to Jerry Piercy, owner of ChemBio Shelter, in Beaver, WV. He gladly agreed to help us cut the logos and even powder coated them for our school as a donation. We hope you enjoy the pictures of this project and we look forward to seeing these posts in many future businesses openings in our area.


We are excited to be able to show-off these poles in using them in ribbon cutting ceremonies to welcome and open new businesses, mark special occasions for businesses and organizations, mark special community announcements for our area and beyond.

Our first Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the new poles was today for the new Raleigh County Family Treatment Court. Watch the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony video here

Again, Thank you to ACT and everyone involved in the pole project. We know that the next 15 years of ribbon cutting celebrations will be very special because of your work.

Well done !


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