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Raleigh County Schools

Raleigh County Schools General Information


Raleigh County ranks as one of the largest and most progressive of the 55 county school systems in the state of West Virginia. Raleigh County Schools provide an environment that promotes effective educational services to meet the diverse needs of students. The Raleigh County School System has gained national recognition through its students who have competed successfully in academic competitions and have gained admission into prestigious institutions of higher learning.

All of Raleigh County Schools work in partnership with businesses and community agencies through Partnerships in Education. This program permits schools to connect with the world of work while the business community benefits by learning about the school system.

The following provide a brief overview of the school system:

> Attendance Rate Above 93%
> Elementary Test Scores Consistently Among the Top Counties in the State
> College Prep Program Sends Students to Top Universities and State Colleges
> Technical Prep Program Allows Articulation with Several Regional Colleges
> Occupational Prep Programs Prepares Students to Enter the Work Force
> Numerous Advanced Placement Classes are Offered
> Dual Enrollment Classes are Offered (receive high school and college credit)
> Computer Study Offered at All Grade Levels
> Twenty-Six Units of Credit Required for Graduation
> Dropout Rate of 3%


> Ranks as one of the largest school systems in West Virginia
> Student enrollment of approximately 12,000
> Comprised of 34 schools;
4 senior high schools
5 middle schools
19 elementary schools
1 career and technical school
> Largest employer in the county; approximately 900 professional personnel(teachers, principals, etc.) over 500 of the teachers have a Master's Degree, and 600 service employees(cooks, custodians, secretaries, bus drivers, etc.)
> Annual operating budget of $70 million plus

The Raleigh County Board of Education and the School Building Authority have spent approximately $18 million during the last 8 years to upgrade older facilities and build new facilities to meet the education and technology needs of the 20th century. A new Junior High was completed in 1994 and another in 1998. All of this was accomplished without increasing the taxes of citizens of businesses in the county. As we enter the 21st century the Board of Education is developing a new Educational Facilities Plan that will include building three new schools, adding additions to existing facilities, and continuing to upgrade older facilities to meet the advanced educational needs of our students.


Raleigh County is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all students and staff. We have developed a comprehensive Safe Schools Plan, placing a strong emphasis on prevention using strategies which range from crisis training to strong discipline policies and programs which improve school climate.

Listed below are areas addressed in this effort:
> Conflict Resolution / Peer Mediation Training for Staff and Students
> Responsible Student Programs in all Schools
> Student Assistance Programs at the Secondary Level
> Comprehensive Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Curriculum at all Grade Levels
> S.A.V.E.(Students Against Violence Everywhere) Clubs in all Secondary Schools
> Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training for Staff
> P.E.A.K.(Prevention Education for Adjustment and Knowledge) An In-school Suspension Program serving as an Alternative to Out-of-school Suspension
> "Second Step" Violence Prevention Curriculum Implemented in all Elementary Schools.
> Two Social Workers Employed to Act as a Liaison between School, Home and Community Agencies


The technology mission of Raleigh County Schools is "to ensure educational excellence and equity, providing all students with the resources, knowledge, and skills to thrive and compete in the technology - intensive, ever changing world of the future." We will pledge to make technology an integral and routine part of the learning experience in order to graduate technologically literate life-long learners. Technology is a powerful tool to improve teaching and learning, to enhance personal productivity, and to facilitate communication and the management of information necessary for the efficient operation of the schools.

Raleigh County has approximately 3900 computers in the schools. Approximately 1200 of these computers have access to internet. Two of the largest sources of funding for our plan have been through two major state initiatives; 1) Basic Skills / Computer Education Program, and 2) SUCCESS - Student Utilization of Computers Across the Curriculum to Enhance Scholastic Success. Raleigh County will continue to work toward keeping technology current and our students prepared to face a technological world.


The ACT serves all five high schools in Raleigh County. Student enrollment follows:
700 High School students
280 Adults
100 Community Education students

Each year approximately 200 students complete vocational courses at the ACT. The overall placement rate is 88% and 68% of graduates are placed in their field.


School to Work is an initiative that prepares students for the world of work. Raleigh County was one of the first counties in the state of West Virginia to become involved in the School to Work program and is quickly becoming a leader in the area. The three components of STW are:

> Career Awareness
> Career Exploration
> Career Preparation

School to Work;

* Raises expectations and standards by emphasizing basic skills remediation and enrichment

* Prepares students for college and / or work

* Combines academic and technical skills

* Links business, industry, and labor with education

* Develops a highly skilled workforce

* Makes schooling relevant

* Prepares students to make career connections

* Requires education, businesses, industry, labor, higher education, parents, and community leaders to work together

* Combines School Based Learning with Work Based Learning


For information on Raleigh County Schools, contact the Raleigh County Board of Education:

105 Adair Street
Beckley, West Virginia 25801
304-256-4506 (fax)